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Dedicated Lead Clinician

Led by a highly qualified Medical Professional, since qualification, Kings Skin Clinic’s lead clinician has developed an interest in the area of non-surgical aesthetic medicine, attending both national and international scientific meetings in the field.

Having worked in several head and neck units, Kings Skin Clinic’s directing clinician has gained an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy which has served to solidify their deep personal interest in the area of aesthetic rejuvenation.

Clients often comment on our clincian’s ‘gentle touch’ and approachable manner during consultations and treatment.

Our Accreditations

Kings Skin Clinic is registered and inspected by a government backed industry regulator.
We have been independently assessed by a robust set of standards in order to be certified as ‘Save Face Accredited’.

Save Face, as an accredited, Professional Standards Authority is recognised by the Government, Department of Health as well as NHS England.

Our Save Face accreditation means that we have an annual inspection by independent medical experts to assess our practitioner skills, the products that we use in addition to the clinical environment.


Our Reviews


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We have partnered with Trustpolit to enable our clients to leave feedback about our services and products. Trustpolit’s service and product reviews help us to strengthen our relationships with our clients as well as helping them to make informed decisions about their treatments.

Genuine reviews are written by our clients and are published instantly without any censoring.

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  • I have been thinking about having anti-wrinkle therapy for the last year, I was recommended to Dr Sandra. I was nervous but Sandra made me feel very comfortable and explained everything. I asked questions and Sandra answered everything making me feel much more positive. I felt very relaxed and positive about having my treatment and now two weeks on I am absolutely delighted with the results!!
  • I began visiting Sandra about a year ago. She is professional, welcoming, understanding and listens to what you aim to achieve from your sessions. She explains all the options very clearly and what each treatment involves. You feel totally relaxed under her care and the results have been great. Highly recommended +++
  • I'm looking forward to going back as I feel safe under the expertise of Sandra. I've had a complex about the condition of my skin for some years, now I can make changes necessary and already I'm seeing the benefits after one session. The level of professionalism is very reassuring having had many questions to which all was answered I look forward to adapting to advised regime that benefits my skin and raises my confidence by far.
  • I was extremely pleased at how easy and painless having Botox was. I had my forehead treated and felt amazing. The results were clearly visible within 3 days. There was no pain and I could easily have fallen asleep because I was made to feel so relaxed. After just one treatment I would definitely recommend Kings Skin Clinic to any friend who was considering having any treatments done. I am looking forward to having my next treatment as it certainly has boosted my confidence and makes you feel very fresh and healthy. The tired , stressed look has gone. Thank you.
  • Wonderful practice, brilliant treatments. Sandra is amazing, really listens and makes honest recommendations with great results.
  • After only 2 sessions of laser hair removal, I have had amazing results! Glad I decided to go ahead with it. Definitely going back to finish my treatment and more......100% worth it.
  • Fantastic service and treatment from the lovely Sandra.
  • The treatments I have had, have been done with great care and experience
  • Very professional with a wide range of services.  Had an excellent experience with them and found the free consultation an eye opener.   My go to place!
    Ronnie, Business owner
  • Great and professional service.  Sandra really listens to your concerns and advises on the best treatments available.  Definitely recommended!      
  • I couldn't believe the results after just two treatments!  My complexion was more even and my texture even more smooth.  I have gone from feeling the need to wear thick foundation every day to feeling totally confident and preferring my own natural skin without it.  Couldn't be happier with the results and would recommend it to anyone think about it.
  • After my first peel friends and family were commenting on how good my skin looked without knowing I have had any treatment.  I've had a few skin treatments previously and I can honestly say that the peel has had the most dramatic and noticeable effect for me out of all of them.  I'm a peel addict as it makes caring for my skin, and looking my best, so easy! Great clinic and amazing treatment!
  • After a very relaxed consultation and completely honest feedback, I was left feeling relieved to finally find a clinic that understands your needs and requirements and advises on what they feel will enhance your looks and oppose anything they feel you do not need. Sandra was helpful, caring and polite and I would only use her again. I was left feeling extremely happy with the treatments and look to book another consultation very soon. I would strongly recommend this clinic for their caring and ethical approach and comparing prices they are for sure very competitive on price. Thank you and see you soon.
  • I was really cynical about having any ‘cosmetic procedures’ . The most I had ever done in terms of treating my skin was to slap on "The Body-Shop Body Butter" or maybe some sun cream in the sun. I’m not a girl for potions and lotions and was very sceptical about any miracle results. I woke up this morning and my skin feels amazing! Really refreshed! She recommends course of around 5, but saying that I can defiantly see a noticeable results already which makes me excited. I never used to wear makeup, but somehow in the last 4 years I have got in a rut of never leaving the house without a ‘mask’ on (perhaps this is a massive contribution to my bad skin) but for the first time in a long time I feel like I can step out clean faced like I have been given a second chance with my skin!
  • I couldn’t recommend KSC skin clinic highly enough. I had searched and compared many consultations from other providers including top Harley St clinics and this was by far the most professional, affordable and friendly clinic I found. It was refreshing to have such an honest and seamless consultation where I felt that the information was not just explained in a precise and easy-to-understand manner, but given genuinely for my best interest to ensure my satisfaction and comfort all the way though. I couldn’t be happier with my lips. Thank you.
  • I never thought I would use Botox for my face, but I had the chance and now I am very happy with it! It didn’t hurt at all and looks natural. Everyone else only says how good I look! Thank you Sandra
  • Had a Derma-roller treatment. Absolutely fabulous. Experienced no pain and I looked presentable again within a day. Several weeks later the effects started to show. My skin looks so much fresher and rejuvenated…
  • A friend of mine told me about Sandra and informed me that I could get a free consultation. I was impressed at the result my friend had and was very keen to see the effects Botox would have on me. I was extremely nervous, but Sandra put me at ease straight away making me feel relaxed & comfortable. What really impressed me was that Sandra wanted to use a little at a time to see the results and what level I was happy with and ensured I looked natural. No pun intended but rather than looking frozen like some people/celebrities do, I now look simply flawless, younger & refreshed! The lines are now hardly visible and I’m now confident to fully smile without worrying about what lines people can see. I feel so much happier and confident in myself thanks to them.
  • I am very happy with the results of the Botox. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was less painful than I thought. Pain out of 10 was about 1. I felt fine after the treatment, it didn’t really affect me at all and there have been no after affects either. I have not told anyone I have had Botox as I wanted to see if anyone noticed. My daughter asked me a couple of days after the treatment what I was doing as I looked really good – she was very impressed and positive when I had told her I had Botox. I would most certainly have it again.
  • I must say that I have been really impressed by the service and treatment that I have received. The clinician that I see works in oral surgery by day so she knows what she is doing! Feel like I am a fair few years younger so in one word – happy!