Cosmetic Skin Clinics Are The Best Way To Get Rid Off Unwanted Hair

There are more than a few ways to go about removing unwanted hair from your body. Shaving, using tweezers, waxing, using removal creams, and even less common methods such as electrolysis, whereby you electronically charge the hair’s root to kill it, can be successful to an extent. Yet, all these methods are painful, temporary or time-consuming. Laser hair removal treatment, on the other hand, is a far more advanced and thorough means of finally getting the smooth hair-free skin you desire. However, you will need to look for a professional, accredited cosmetic skin clinic to provide the treatment.

Why Get Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Regardless of where you require hair removal, no matter whether it is your upper lip, chin, underarms, thighs, or another body area, laser hair removal in London is an effective approach. So, let’s take a look at the benefits associated with this option. The main perk associated with laser hair removal, which puts it above all other methods, comes from its permanency. Put simply, once you’ve finished the full treatment, hair growth in that particular area will be completely eliminated. Other than possible maintenance treatments twice a year, the issue is dealt with for good - a sense of longevity that you wouldn’t get from other methods, such as shaving and waxing. This is because with these two other methods, you constantly have to revisit them over and over again. These long-term effects also ensure that you’ll save money over time, making laser hair removal a very cost-effective approach. Beyond its efficiency, the procedure is also virtually pain free and potentially even comfortable, given the cooling systems modern tools are fitted with. Your skin is also safe from harm; in fact, its ability to make your skin smoother means the treatment can actually help decrease in-growth and pigmentation, making it as good for your skin as it is for your image. All these reasons explain why laser hair removal treatment is popular among men and women, and why you should consider it for yourself.

How Does A Laser Hair Removal Treatment Works?

Despite being a very advanced and modern approach, the way laser treatment is carried out when conducted at a cosmetic skin clinic is relatively easy to explain. The specialist will concentrate a beam of light on the particular area of growth the client wishes to be eliminated. The pigments within this area absorb the light, and, as a result, the hair follicle is damaged so severely at the root that future growth is stunted. All this is achieved without causing any disruption to the surrounding skin, which is preserved in its original state. Each Kent laser hair removal clinic will choose the specific equipment that they feel is best designed to lead to excellent results every time. For instance, a Fotona laser is sometimes used. This device is a medical grade laser that is currently used across a range of different medicinal areas, and for hair removal is considered to be a world leader. Its benefits include the fact that it is very precise with what tissues it targets, it produces a shorter than usual downtime, and it provides greater satisfaction and comfort for the recipient.

Common Concerns With London Laser Hair Removal

Understandably, whenever someone mentions the word ‘laser’ in a medical or cosmetic treatment process, some people start to worry. You needn’t. Many will fret about whether their skin can withstand the effects. London laser hair removal treatment is suitable for most types of skin, although it is most effective for those who have a lighter skin tone as a darker skin tends to absorb the light easier before it can reach the hair follicles. This does not mean you can’t benefit from this hair removal treatment – your specialist will simply devise the best treatment approach for you, which may be a case of more sessions. For this reason, it’s advised that people avoid tanning before treatment. Whatever your situation, rest assured that your qualified expert will explain how suitable your skin is before any treatment is conducted. Specialists will advise you to postpone any treatment you have for a minimum of six weeks if you’ve been directly exposed to the sun, for instance on a foreign beach holiday. For those who are concerned about pain as well, you can be at ease, as lasers cause minimal discomfort for most people and anaesthetic is necessary for no one. Skin irritation, itching, pigmentation, and redness are, however, possible side effects of laser hair removal treatment, which your expert will explain in advance.

What Will Happen After My London Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Although laser hair removal is harmless and painless, there are certain side effects that may happen immediately afterwards and which you should be aware of. Hours after you’ve left the cosmetic skin clinic, you may notice that there is redness and possibly swelling of the area where you received the treatment. If this happens, it’s recommended that you apply ice to the area and if it develops into a skin reaction quickly approach a doctor to see whether a steroid cream might be advisable. These reactions are very unlikely, however, it’s important to be aware of them. A little bit of redness, however, is nothing to worry about. Before your London laser hair removal treatment, you should avoid or at least limit direct exposure to sunlight, as well as using appropriate sun protection. When referring to ‘sunlight’, we mean the sun itself and tanning beds, both of which you should avoid direct exposure to for the first six weeks. On top of that, don’t undergo any cosmetic procedures within the initial fortnight, and don’t attempt to wax, thread, or pluck within 48 hours. Also, prepare yourself for the possibility of hair shedding in the first few days or even weeks following your laser removal treatment, although sometimes it can take up to ten days for all of it to finally be removed.

Kings Skin Clinic, The Best Cosmetic Skin Clinic For Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are many benefits to opting for laser hair removal, as we’ve explained above. Yet ultimately, the procedure is only as effective as it can be when carried out by professionals. That is why your first choice should always be Kings Skin Clinic, a centre where we give clear, ethical advice at the start of every process and ensure that accredited, approachable and client-focused medical practitioners oversee it all the way to the end. If you’d like to book yourself in for a series of treatments at our cosmetic skin clinic (most people usually require between three and six), then you’re welcome to get in touch through our website at We look forward to hearing from you soon.