Laser Hair Removal London UK – Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis and laser hair removal London UK based are both permanent forms of hair removal, and thus there is a lot of debate regarding which one is the best approach. In this post, we will discuss both options to help you decide on the best hair removal treatment for you.

Let’s begin by explaining how both treatments work. Electrolysis involves the use of a device with a needle that is inserted through the skin. It follows the hair shaft closely, penetrating deep into the follicle. A small current is applied, and this is absorbed by the hair, causing the hair growth cells to die. London laser hair removal involves a device that supplies laser energy to the hair, this penetrates the hair at the root and causes the follicle to become damaged, stopping it from creating new hair. Both treatments are known for their exceptional results. However, electrolysis can be very time-consuming; this is made worse by the fact that it is painful. A lot of people compare the feeling to that of getting a tattoo. There is also the potential for the skin to become discoloured during electrolysis. This is because the treatment can damage the capillaries in the surrounding area causing them to become darker. Laser treatment from a cosmetic skin clinic is virtually pain-free. Treatment time is a lot shorter too, ranging from ten minutes to an hour, depending on the area of your body you are having treated. There are also very few complications associated with laser hair removal treatment.

There are clearly many benefits associated with laser hair removal London UK. This is a treatment that we provide at Kings Skin Clinic. When performing this service, we use the latest laser skin treatment technology, including a medical grade laser. If this is something you are interested in, take a look at our website –