Laser Hair Removal Orpington – Why Do I Need A Series Of Treatment?

Laser hair removal Orpington based is a form of permanent hair removal. However, most individuals do require six or more treatments, and these treatments are typically required every four to six weeks. If you are wondering why this is the case, read on to discover more.

Before you can understand why a number of treatments are required when it comes to laser hair removal, it is first imperative to know how this treatment works. Laser hair removal treatment involves a laser beam that is targeted at the hair follicles in their growth stage. The light energy from the laser penetrates each follicle and destroys it at its roots. The reason why a number of treatments are needed is because at any given time, a certain number of hairs are not in the growth phase – they are in the ‘resting’ phase instead. When hairs are in the resting phase, the laser will not be effective, and thus it is impossible for a laser beam to target all of your hairs in one go. This shows why, on average, six treatments are required in order to ensure that all hairs have the opportunity to be at their growth stage at some point during the numerous treatments. It is also worth pointing out that certain parts of the body respond quicker than others because of the variation in the number of hairs that are in the resting phase. For instance, the bikini line usually responds a lot quicker than the face. When you go to your chosen cosmetic skin clinic, they will advise on how many treatments they think you need.

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