Skin peels


Skin Peels

Here at the Kings Skin Clinic, we use the NeoStrata® ProSystem. This is a highly effective, superficial, peeling system used by medical skincare professionals with outstanding and predictable results. It is fragrance free and dermatologist developed with physician strength formulas that can be used with other cosmetic procedures to enhance outcomes.

The superficial peels, often referred to as the ‘lunchtime peel’, are brief-in-office procedures which utilise three different alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), glycolic acid, citric acid and mandelic acid. AHAs help loosen and remove the dead surface layers of skin to exfoliate and smooth skin, as well as provide deeper anti-aging effects.


Treatment Summary:

Treatment Time 

20-30 mins

Desired Effect 

Usually results after first peel; optimized after a course of treatment

Recovery time hourglass2



24 hrs

Anesthetic hourglass2


No of treatments required hourglass2

Usually a course of 3-6, every 4 weeks

Risks & Complications

Soreness, blistering, skin irritation, infection


Avoid direct sun exposure, use sun protection, minimal make-up


Key Benefits

After a series of treatments the following improvements can be noted:

  • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • An evening of skin tone and lightened discolorations
  • Diminished appearance of pore size
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Reduced appearance of blemishes in acne prone skin
  • Visual softening of shallow acne scars
  • Increased skin glow or radiance

Is NeoStrata® ProSystem peel right for me?

The skin peels we use are suitable for both dark and light skin types, complexion, tones and textures.

What areas can NeoStrata® ProSystem peel treat?

Although most clients would focus on facial skin improvements, the peels can in fact be used for any area of the body. This includes neck, chest, décolletage, shoulders and back and hands.

Is it painful?

No. You will be provided with a pre-peel treatment regime to help prepare the skin and optimise the results.

What is the recovery period/ healing time after a peel?

Often there is no noticeable healing or recovery time and skin looks and feels normal within a few hours to a day. For some, the recovery can take a few days and up to a week or longer.

How many treatment sessions would I need?

A series of peels can help the skin appear healthier, smoother, plumper, firmer, less oily and more evenly-toned with fewer acne blemishes. We recommend a series of six treatments, but for healthy skin, a course of three is usually recommended.

Treatment Prices
Consultation FREE
Rejuvenating peel from £70
Clarifying peel from £80
Brightening peel from £80
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