Teeth Grinding


Teeth Grinding

Excessive teeth grinding and clenching, also known by the medical term bruxism is a common phenomenon.

It is a chronic condition that causes a multitude of problems including headaches, locking jaw, ear ache, wearing down of teeth and in severe cases damage and breakage of teeth and fillings.

Botox® is an effective, safe, simple, non-surgical, FDA approved advanced treatment that can be used to help alleviate this problem.

Treatment Summary:

Treatment Time 

15-20 mins

Desired Effect 

Pain relief

Recovery time hourglass2



1-2 hrs

Anesthetic hourglass2


Risks & Complications

Bruising (very rare)


Avoid strenuous activity, facial skin treatments & saunas for 24 hrs


How does Botox® work to help with my teeth grinding?

Botox is used for both medical as well as cosmetic applications. For teeth grinding, it is an FDA approved product for the treatment, and is a very effective procedure for those with a known grinding habit.

How is it carried out?

Botox® is administered to the jaw muscles muscles contributing to the grinding. Usually 3-4 sites are targeted on each on each side of the face, which then works to weaken the muscles with the desired effect of alleviating the pain.

Is the procedure painful?

When administered by a practised professional, most patients report only very mild discomfort.

When can I expect to notice the results?

Usually, it takes approximately 6 weeks to notice the effect of the treatment.

Are they any side effects?

Some patients may experience some tiring when chewing food due to the weakening effect of the muscle. However this usually lasts for a short period of time. Bruising can occur, however, this is very rare.

How long will the treatment last?

Most report pain relief between 6-9 months.

Treatment Prices
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Teeth Grinding £300
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