Underarm Sweating


Underarm Sweating

Excessive underarm perspiration, medically known as auxiliary hyperhidrosis, is a common problem affecting 1-2% of the population.

Often undiagnosed and undertreated, it can be treated safely and effectively using Botulinum toxin.

You would benefit from Botulinum toxin if you are otherwise healthy and:

  • Experience excessive underarm sweating on both sides
  • Underarm sweating affects your daily activities – need to change your shirt/blouse several times a day
  • You were younger than 25 years when you first started to experience the problem

Treatment Summary:

Treatment Time 

30-45 mins

Desired Effect 

Usually improvement seen within 7-14 days

Recovery time hourglass2



24 hrs

Anesthetic hourglass2


Risks & Complications

Bruising, redness, swelling


Avoid strenuous activity & saunas for 24hrs


What is auxiliary hyperhidrosis?

Essentially, the sweat glands are more sensitive than normal and become overactive. The exact cause is not known and it is not associated with any other condition. It tends to be symmetrical. Auxiliary hyperhidrosis is classified as:

  • Primary: cause is unknown (the most common type of excessive underarm sweating)
  • Secondary: there is an underlying disorder – i.e. pituitary or thyroid dysfunction, diabetes mellitus or menopause

Who does it affect?

Although it can develop at any age, it tends to start to occur in those under the age of 25 and it is a long-term condition. Men and women are equally affected with varying severity.

How is treatment carried out?

The involved areas are first mapped, and then outlined and marked with a skin marking pen. The areas are divided into a grid pattern with each of the grid square being approximately 1-2cm.

Is it painful?

In the hands of a practised and trained clinician, most clients experience only ‘mild discomfort’ and are happy with it due to the fact that this will be essentially a life-changing procedure.

When will I start to notice the effects?

Most people experience improvements within 1-2 weeks and has been shown to last 4-6 months.

What are the current available treatment for underarm sweating?

  • Antiperspirants: tend to cause irritation to the skin.
  • Drugs: can cause visual blurring, dryness across mucosal surfaces and constipation.
  • Keyhole surgery: associated with a high incidence of compensatory hyperhidrosis from other areas of the trunk.
  • Surgery of the sweat glands: risk of infection and significant scarring
  • Botulinum toxin: the same type used for anti-wrinkle treatment. It works by blocking the nerve impulses contributing to excessive sweating.

Are there any side effects?

Botulinum toxin is a well-established, safe and effective solution to this problem. Though unlikely, such side effects include compensatory hyperhidrosis (an increase in sweating in other areas other than your underarms), injection site pain, hot flushes, and rash.

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Excessive underarm sweating £400
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